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No permissions to run 'tf' (not a restart the app problem)
Yesterday I decided to create a TF2 server for my friends and I. So I created a new Steam Account to run the server (on a separate machine).

This new account does not have any games purchased, but did allow me to install and I began to run Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server. Once I passed the initial screen I got the Engine Error: No permissions to run 'tf'.

All the information I've found so far says restarting the app or running as admin would fix this but those don't work for me. I'm thinking I need to buy another copy of TF2 just to use the server.

If I use my old Steam account on the this computer I am able to start and run the server. Which again makes me think Valve wants another $20 from me. Am I right about that?
Dont use Steams Dedicated Server, it's NOT free. Use SRCDS, it's free and doesn't require Steam.
Steam Dedicated Server is free... as far as I know...
But still, used hldsupdatetool.exe to download the server. it's easier and it works better.
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It's not, you'll need a TF2 GAME licens or CSS Licens for "Team Fortress 2 - Dedicated Server Tool"

It doesn't come when you normally create a new account, you'll a game licens. Smile

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