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Cannot unban player.
Getting a odd issue not able to unban some players steam id. Went right into banned_user.cfg deleted the persons ID saved still banned.
No ip bans as another account is able to login from his house.
Any ideas? Hlsw does not seem to unban players from my server. Sad
Did you check banned_ip.cfg?
Do you use Mani Admin Plugin?
(And did he/she get banned via Mani?)
You have to use "removeid" or "removeip" to remove the ban.

Usage:  removeid < slot | uniqueid >
If you delete the line from banned_user.cfg, then you need to restart the server for it to take effect. Also the server might rewrite the banned_user.cfg on restart or on map change, so the safest way is to delete the entry directly from the file is while the server is down.

Write "listid" and "listip" to see the active bans.

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