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Rcon Connection issues *Fixed*
Could not connect via remote rcon.
Issue was not having the +ip x.x.x.x. setup.
any other servers on same ip?
No firewall, or router, only server running on it right now.
i have some issues occasionally when trying to connect via rcon in game after connecting to rcon via hlsw.

does this fit your scenario?
Nope on this server I have not been able to get access via hlsw or console in the server. Only via ssh I am able to use rcon commands. Sad
Maybe you started it with +ip x.x.x.x and you accidentally copied the start up line from your other server. That's why you have set wrong ip to the startup line and that's the reason RCON doesn't work.

I used to run my server without +ip x.x.x.x, and then use command line rcon tool to contact to localhost ( Then one day I added +ip x.x.x.x on the startup line and all RCON scripts stopped working mysteriously. The reason was that the server didn't respond to RCON commands to localhost anymore. Maybe you've got similar problem.
Well thanks for the help. Turns out I forgot to re add +ip x.x.x.x. I took it out when I was getting another error guess I forgot to put it back in there. Smile

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