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can't download server
ok... so i've done this before and all worked. did it yesterday actually. i got and run the "./steam -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir . -username *** -password ***" and i get something stating the format has changed. So i type in the new format "./steam -update "hl2mp" *username* *password*" replace *username* and *password* with apporiate info. then i get the login expired notice i add the -password switch and then i get "Connection Closed by Peer" is this something on my end of something on Steam's end? like i said it worked fine yesterday when i did it. but installing it on a different box today doesn't work.


ok...i found a way around my problem by using an older version of the update client. strange that the new one doesn't work. oh well.. at least i got my server running.

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