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Debian Linux Server Problems
I have gotten the content downloaded, but at 99.93 % it says server connection was reset, and apparently the binary file that is the actual server program is missing from the download. I have tried to download the game multiple times, and have also used the -verify_all command switch, but the file does not appear.
The server that I am trying to work on is for garry's Mod if that makes any difference.
I am running Ubuntu V8.04 Desktop with the default settings.
I think that Garry's Mod only runs on Windows.
Yes garrys mod only runs on windows
~ trewq
Hehe, i found that out the hard way.
anyway, that's what Wine is useful for.
I got my server running, and the pings are good, but if i had an extra WinXP
CD-Key, i would use that over linux.
sadly, i have to use about 12 workarounds on the system to get it to run.
So oyu get it running with wine?
~ trewq

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