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Help : Two machines, one router.
I'v become abit confused. I had my server up and running fine yesterday night, i was running the server on the same machine as i was using my client, then i thought, hey it would be nice to run the server on my laptop, and play on my desktop PC, using less resources for the server and my client, giving me a lag free server for me and my friends. I had set up a static I.P on my desktop machine and port forwarded the correct ports (must have been correct because everyone was able to join). Now i added the same ports but to my laptop's LAN I.P which is a static i.p also, but they both share the same WAN I.P, is this normal? So what i'm after is: Running my server on my laptop, playing on my desktopd with friends connected via internet. I am using one router, "Inventel: Wannadoo Livebox" is the make/model. My static i.p for my laptop (server) is: And my shared WAN I.P is:

[NOTE: Parameters i have are my LAN I.P and my port, i've tried with it, and without. And i've tried it with my external I.P]
[NOTE: I hav my Windows firewall, and router firewall DISABLED.]
[NOTE: I CAN connect to my server, via LAN I.P, but the server doesn't show up when i add it to my favourites]

Here's the ports i forwarded.
[Image: screenieue8.jpg]

Thank you.
You can't forward the same ports twice. Impossible.

I can explain if needed...
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