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My CSS Server shuts down randomly and not listed on MasterList
I own a CSS server. It works on Debian. Its fully updated. There is Mani Admin Plugin and zBlock installed. It is VAC secure. But it is not listed on master list. But it successfully connects to steam master server. And sometimes (once per day) the server shuts down.

I start my server with this command.

./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 24 +ip -port 27015 +fps_max 200 -tickrate 66 -pingboost 3 -secure -autoupdate

I really need help on these problems. Thanks.
I need help ASAP. Please help me Smile
if im right the ip should be the problem
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pingboost isnt a recognized command so you can remove that

also what does your log say when it shuts down?
Can you explain, why ip is the problem? And how can i solve it?

OK, I will get rid of the pingboost command Smile
It doesnt say anything it just stops. No errors, nothing. The logs stays at the latest thing happened in server. (ex. say "hello")
My server stopped randomly shuting down. But its still not listed on master server list. Please. Help me Smile

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