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Php Web script.
Could some one please point me in the direction of a nice php web script i could use on my website.
Ive looked all over and cant find one i like, as long as it does the job, i can edit it.
And does any one know of any good Stats to web script? i use to like Hlstatsx, but you have to pay for it now, or so it seems which is a bit annoying, so if any one would have a free script i could use instead it would help me alot!
Cheers Az
Are you looking for website templates?

How about this one?

Btw...Note: You need to register to download the free website templates on that site.

As for hlstatsx...didn't know that they are now charging money....I went on their website and couldn't find the download section. I guess they changed their ways. Screw hlstatsx....use psyhostats.
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LART's HLstatsX forums
That should help you out Smile
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Hmm, you cant download Hlstatsx any more can you? as you ahve to pay for it.
If you're looking for a web content management system... ie something you can use to post news and have forums, I would recommend checking out e107. Extremely easy to use, and has a ton of free themes and additional plugins.

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