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[Plug-ins] Installing zBlock
#1 Tutorials, “Installing zBlock”

Only one, please make sure you have used -verify_all with your "hldsupdatetool" before using this plugin.
otherwise, no requirements.

What is zBlock?:
zBlock, is used for Matches Servers in Counter-Strike: Source. (Mostly)
zBlock, can do restarts(with colours), shows up your steamID when you joins the server, with info about for example CAL-LEAGUE.
zBlock is used as an Anti-Cheat plug-In.
- If the server has sv_cheats 1 then zBlock will do a message at round_start (With a warning sign, [Warning] sv_cheats is enabled)
- Gives a warning if sv_pure 1 or 2 isn't on.

Is there anything that needs attention?
Yes, there are:
- zBlock doesn't work together with:
  • Quake Sounds
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom Skins (Both Server And Cleint)

How to get zBlock?:
First of all download the packet from:
Take the newest version ofcause.

What commands can i use?:
zBlock_Cvars Wrote:-----------------------------------------------------------
// Note: All comamnds has to be executed by RCON or directly trought the main console.
zBlock commands and settings:

// This command gives you a Live On Three.

// This command gives you a Knife On Three.

// This command define the max of your totaly player slots(not incoulded tv) (So if 10 is max, then you will have a 10 slots server + tv)
zb_readyup_max 10

// This command define if the Plug-In has to be active when you like to have it, you dont have to the restart for disable it!
// If 1: The plug-In can be installed and active(Command not necessary to execute)
// If 0: The Plug-In can be installed right, and not be active. (Leaves a cleint console message each round_start with a notice of zBlock isn't active)
zb_active 1/0

// This command shows the players stats on
// Not a RCON Command. Use this in your Autoexec.cfg or Server.cfg
zb_authhost ""

// This command enables auto update(Done at startup of your server).
// Not a RCON Command. Use this in your Autoexec.cfg or Server.cfg
zb_autoupdate 1

// This command is able to give you a notice if theres any update manually.
// Executing this command twice will result in a download of the new update & install.
zb_update 1

// This command define which config there will be executed when the zb_lo3 or zb_ko3 is executed.
// I.E: calcss.cfg, you can replace this with any config!
zb_matchconfig "calcss.cfg"

// This command changes the mp_startmoney to the entered value after zb_lo3 or zb_ko3 is executed.
zb_startmoney "800"

// This command fixes doors in-game, like in de_nuke, so the door opens faster(phys_timescale 1.5)
zb_doorfix 1


// Can be entered in your console at any time.
zBlock cleint commands and settings:

// This command displays important server settings.

// This command displays everyone's Netrates in your console.

// This command displays the current version of zBlock(on the server)

// This command displays a menu when each player on the server has to type !ready for starting the match.
// if you allready typed !ready so type !unready for remove your vote.

// This command displays you a commandlist in-game.

// This command displays you the not-ready players and the ready players, when using the ready-up system.

// This command displays a list of players authenticated by auth-host(zb_authhost)

// When this command/message(Server will automaticly notice you about it in-game, and then you have to type zb_warnings
// is used you'll see if there is something wrong with the CVars:
// zb_active
// mp_dynamicpricing
// sv_cheats
// sv_pure
// sv_consistency
// Note from their webpage: Map Restarts Triggered by the zBlock Plugin.
// Or you will be kicked with a message about what has been changed.

The installation:
Now that you have the package downloaded above, we can start with the actual installation. Start by extracting the package somewhere on your computer.

You should now have a folder like this:
[Image: Unziped.JPG]

[Image: Mapperx5.JPG]

Open the unzipped folder, and your folders insite should look like this:

[Image: Insite of folder.JPG]

Now open the next folder in there, and your folders inventory should now look like this:

[Image: Inventory.JPG]

Note: You can't use it for Day of Defeat: Source any more.

List of files, and their funtion.
Quote:// zblock.dll
// Note: If you have both Windows And Linux files installed on your server, it doesn't matter. The server takes the right one for you.
The file above is used for Windows Powered Servers

// Note: Same note as above.
The file above is used for Linux Powered Servers

// zblock_css.vdf
This file is used to load zBlock for Counter-Strike: Source

// zblock_dods.vdf
// Note: Since Day of Defeat: Source, is running on the Orangebox engine, after the last Valve Update, it won't work.
This file is used to load zBlock for Day of Defeat: Source

// zblock_hl2mp.vdf
This file is used to load zBlock for Half Life 2 Multi-player

// readme.html
The makers of zBlocks own guide, in html/htm.

// Directory: /zb_logs/zblock.txt
// Note: This file will first exits after loading the Plugin for first time.
This is a log file of everything zBlock does(Logging, can't disables)

For Counter-Strike: Source do following:

Now copy zblock.dll, and zblock_css.vdf into your GAME-DIR/cstrike/addons


[Image: cstrike.JPG]

[Image: addons.JPG]

Your GAME-DIR Should now look like this:
[Image: Mapperx3.JPG]

And then delete: zblock_dods.vdf, zblock_hl2mp.vdf and Readme.html
[Image: Mapperx4.JPG]

Now, just restart your Server then it should work.

Last Updated: 27th August 2008
  • 25th August 2008: Fixed all images to .JPG from .bmp.
  • 25th August 2008: Added Toturial in .rtf file.
  • 25th August 2008: Fixed text issues.
  • 25th August 2008: Added information about zb_logs directory.
  • 27th August 2008: Added "Attention Sectory"
  • 2th August 2009: Fixed zBlock's homepage link.

Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation.
Copyright ©2008
Nice guide, however you can make Zblock work with custom sounds and skins, using sv_pure 1 and changing the whitelist!
Clan of Doom:

Hey realchamp, could you guide me into a way to disabling sv_pure with zblock? I've tried via autoexec and server.cfg and it sorta works but i HAVE to changemap before it applies.. any workaround?

(no whitelist shit thing pls lol i hate sv_pure and want it off)
You can't, theres no command as far I know.

And yes, you'll have to changelevel/map for apply the command, no way else.

But, as Hazz said, try with sv_pure 1, that wouldn't trigger zBlock, just try. I've never done it myself, but Hazz posted it above.
i cant be arsed to edit the whitelist, ill just remove zblock again then
Why metadata?Disconnect: Kicked by Console: zBlock - STEAM Auth Timeout, Restart Steam.

plz help

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