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ok i recently download 160MB on maps and put them in the map folder , yet non of them appear on my admin to choose ... and im also having trouble whit the sounds and whit the no-clip mode of the mani-admin .. whit no-clip the server kicks evryone cus it thinks i'm cheating and the sounds just wont play ... I NEED HELP!
Did you extract the maps you downloaded (if they were archived), and did you add them to the maplist (iirc mani read the maplist to display map change options) ?
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As blick said, make sure they are uncompressed to *.bsp files not gzip
Make sure you extract the maps(*.bsp) to the tf/maps/ folder the .bsp should be in that location, nowhere else.
no i did not add them to the maplist ^^ that's likely 1 problem solved .. now for the mani stuff :s
my server crashes by using admin fun commands and kicks evryone off with the message : sv_cheats is now disabled .. and if i put sv_cheats to 1 it wont crash but other people are then able to use noclip -_-
Yes, if you try to use noclip in fun management, then it will kick your players. This is normally when sv_cheats is changed from 1 to 0 or conversely, and that's what it does, when you uses noclip with Mani Admin Plugin.

But try to use the newest version of mani_admin_plugin, then it should work proberly (if you doesn't), i had the same problem.
no it does not i updated to the newest possible version i could find this morning Sad
Then try demote it.
:s:s:s its already totaly not super :S other players can use the console to go in no_clip themselves and they can crash te server themselves :s THAT IS REALLY IRRITATING also non of my sounds will play nor normal nor quake , allot of maps require 2 attempts to connect cus the first one ussually fales , alot of @ commands just wont work like when i try @give someguy weapon_ak47 it won't work .. im going nuts on the errors! if i put the mani flood controll to on the server just doesnt let you talk at all ...
Try: sv_pure 0 (Change the current CVar in your server.cfg and then replace it with sv_pure 0)

And do you have zBlock on your server?
I do have zBlock on my server
oh and also the costum skins wont work ..
yoded Wrote:I do have zBlock on my server

Yes, zblock forces sv_pure to 2 and sv_consisency 1

And thats why you cant use it/them.

Uninstall zblock and it should work.
ok i'll give it a try ! thx Smile
You're welcome Smile

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