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Srcds randomly crashing (memory could not be read)
Hello, I've recently built a brand new dedicated box, and colocated it in a datacenter in chicago, the hardware is not top-notch, it has a pentium 4, 2.26GHz, and 1GB of ram, but I figured it would be enough to run a single 20 slot server. Before I shipped out the machine, I ran multiple tests on it, including a hdd stress test, and a memtest, and they all checked out fine.

Once I got everything setup though, srcds seems to be crashing at random times, sometimes I can get the server up and running for 30-40 minutes with about 10 people in it, and srcds suddently crashes, other times it does so within the first 20 minutes. I've made sure to isolate any variables, I've tried a clean install with a default map, tried not changing the map, and even running with a bare-bone config (rcon, and thats it), but all leads to the same crash.

I attached a picture of the error message I get bellow, this time I am running EventScripts 2.0, with ES_Tools and a checkpoint script, that according to all others who run it, it should never cause any crash.

I would like to know if anyone has any idea on what could be causing these crashes, anything would be helpful.

At first It seems like it could be a memory problem (from the error box), but every memory check I run returns without any issues.

Thanks for your time.

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Here's a steam forum link that suggests some fixes. Might be useful even though none worked for me.
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Try reinstalling.
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