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Switching between normal mode and arena mode
Good day people of,

Since a couple of days I have been configuring, tweaking and running a dedicated team fortress 2 server on my computer. It runs smooth, got custom maps running but I have ran into one little problem.

The server starts off in normal mode with normal maps like cp_bestinclass_v2 and jump maps. This loads my server.cfg, the standard config.
If I switch map to any arena map the server picks up config_arena.cfg which I have also configured to meet the arena standards. A different timelimit to meet the short arena games so maps rotate faster the normal maps.

But! When I do so the nextmap will remain a normal map, a fun map in this issue.

My normal server.cfg contains: mapcyclefile "funmapcycle.txt"
My config_arena.cfg contains: mapcyclefile "arena_mapcycle.txt"

My question is, how do I have the server pickup the next arena map to come when switching to arena mode from normal mode?

Mods I have installed are:
Sourcemod +plugins

Thank you in advance for any reply.

This is what I would do:
Make a cfg life for each map (or map type if you can do that in SM). In regular maps, have them exec your normal server.cfg. Make arena maps run the arena.cfg. Now if you don't want the map cycle to change, map a cfg file without the mapcycle in there.

See how that works.
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I know the mani-admin plugin can set different variables for different maps, so I am sure there is a Source or Metamod that can do that.
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Thank you both for your replies. I am going to struggle a bit more with this. Arena is still fairly new to team fortess 2 so maybe in the future Valve will add automatic recognition of the mapcycle files and add the first next map in those lists.

I am going to try the method of creating seperate configuration files for all maps first (e.g.: setnext map, map switches, loads that maps config and sets the next map and so on) and see how that works out and searching for a plugin or a additional addon/mod in the meanwhile.

If I come to a solution I'll make sure to report it here for reference.

Thanks again.

Seven. Smile

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