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No one can connect to server.
I have all the ports forwarded and windows firewall disabled and DMZ on the router and still no one can connect any help would be great
did you set sv_lan 0
And if you can post the IP we can see if we can connect
~ trewq
sv_lan is set to 0 and here is the ip its a gmod server
Is it still up? If so, I cant see it. Also what make is your router?
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its been up all day and my router is a DL-604
Ok people have connected that i don't know but none of my friends or none of theirs can connect.
I can ping your IP, but not your port..

After scanning the port 27035 and it says its blocked so its somthing to do with your firewall / router / or your ISP blocking ports.

Double check your Firewall and switch it off - check your router's Firewall too
Double check your DMZ settings on your router to point to your server.
Contact your ISP to see if they block ports

Use this webby:
To port scan your Server to see if port is responding
that port scanner says the port is responding
try this link if your server is on click here. and if you want tath player cn richt click on you and thoos join game, when you are in your server, typ connect your:ip.
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