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Good server.cfg
Hey, i have currently just created a clan server, 100 tick, 600 fps linux, but a bit of lagg. so i was wondering if any one could please post a good server.cfg for a 100 tick server i could use.
Whats your Hardware specs and Brandwidth specs?

And how many slots?
Do you have enough bandwidth and system resources to run it thats what normally causes lag
~ trewq
yes, quad core 4 gig ram, unlimited bandwidth. 100 tick, 12 man clan, 66 tick 32 man dust2, 20 man 66 tick aim maps
I find it hard to believe that you have unlimited bandwidth you do relies bandwidth is the speed
~ trewq
sorry in that case its has a 100m/bit line
If you mean spikes as in lags, it might be the bandwidth internet provider. Run an MTR test to that server while playing, and post the results to see if any hops are spiking (missing packets)
how would one go about doing a MTR test?
and think its not so bad now i upped the max fps to 1000 so not sure heh
When your connecting to your server, run an MTR test with the destination to be that server ... So you will see how good your connection is to that server.

If you are playing from windows (to your server)

If you are playing from linux (to your server)
Download package mtr from repos

Your server specs seem pretty good, unless your running in a shared environment. But lets see the MTR first to see if anything is messed up.
[Image: cs1.jpg]
In game Screen shot from the 100 tick, 1000FPS server.
[Image: cs2.jpg]
This is that program you told me to use, which im not to sure what it says.

Whats your verdict then?
azler Wrote:[Image: cs1.jpg]
In game Screen shot from the 100 tick, 1000FPS server.

The "in" row should have near 100.0/s on a 100 tick server. The "out" row should also be near 100.0/s. Make sure you start the server with "-tickrate 100" option. Then make sure that you have these set in your server.cfg:

sv_mincmdrate 100
sv_maxcmdrate 101
sv_minupdaterate 100
sv_maxupdaterate 101

I usually give little slack on the min*rates, so I would use ~50-66 for the mincmdrate and minupdaterate. Also the "out/s" will never be more than what your (player) FPS is. You can read more at CS:S rate settings in perspect of FPS blog post.

You can also install Munin and use this Srcds plugin to get statistics from your server. You can see preview at or .

The MTR screenshot you posted is somewhat useless. Someone might point out that you get 2% of loss to the server (packets get lost on the way), but the sample is so small that it's not solid conclusion. Run MTR for several hours and then if the loss is still 2% you'll know that there's something wrong in the network. The network is never broken like that, though, so looking at MTR stats gives you just some sort of false feeling of knowing the reason for the lag.

PS. Our New World friends, move to Europe to get unlimited 100 mbps connections.
That looks like a good idea to have those graphs, any way you can get them to post to a website? for real time stats etc?
Also does any one hows of a free good server to web stats plugin
Can some one help me install Munin on Cent os.
so i can get this plug in working.
Try to follow RHEL4 instructions at . CentOS is based on RHEL, and that's why the instructions should apply quite well.

You can also try googling, which gives this page as first hit:

I can walk you through the plugin installation after you've got Munin up and running.

I'm not sure what kind of setup you've got there, but with a small amount of scripting it's possible to make Munin's graphs be automatically uploaded to another web site.
Ok, first of all thank you, that was a great help! and i have munin working! and ive followed the tut best i can! and i get up to the part where it goes:
rcon -Ppassword -a1.2.3.4 -p27015 stats
Which works! my 600 fps server only runs at 340 heh.
but how do i see these graphs?! and how do i add more servers as i could not see it to work, and would you have a demo of this script to publish then to the web?

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