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GUI helps performance. Why?!?!??
On my server (2 dual core opterons, 3 gigs ram) I have tried ubuntu server, xubuntu (both 8.04) and gentoo linux. I have recompiled the kernel many times. The one wacky problem I have is that when Xorg is running, it maxxes out at 974 fps, in both xubuntu and gentoo. When (in any of them) I kill xorg (ubuntu server doesn't have it at all), the fps drops to 900. I'd like to get closer to 1000, but it seems that killing xorg has the opposite of the expected effect.
Why might this be?
What do other people experience when using/not using xorg?
Does that happen always ? So average with Xorg is 975 and average without xorg is 900?
That's exactly it.
Do other people experience a drop in performance when xorg on?

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