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Script Kiddies Crashing Server
Well my server is hacker and kiddie central. I had over 900 bans for douchebaggery, hacking, disrespect, etc. I don't know why but it seems like my server is on some sort of hitlist.

Anyway, the issue I am having now is that some kid with access to something is crashing my server. Sometimes they join and go "Haha, say bye to the server!" That is not an issue because they are banned when it comes back online, however if a hacker comes on and crashes it we don't know who crashes it. It stops the server and it goes "Lost connection" for everyone.

I am running Windows w/ Mani, Eventscripts, and SourceMod (all plugins disabled except for KAC).
try changing your rcon password and not giving it out to anyone. . .
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Its not the rcon password rofl. Trust me.
have you updated srcds lately? sv_cheats 0?
Are you logging all server activity?
Find what they are exploiting...
There is probably a SM plugin to fix it Wink
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muahhahah now ill find ur server..... jk lol
Start logging, get some admins on, check the server console, etc etc.

Make sure you figure out WHAT they are exploiting, there is, as stated, probably a fix for it somewhere.
Doogie why do you keep posting in threads that have been resolved?
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