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reconnect to console/run at startup in screen
I'm running Fedora core 7 on a VPS environment and srcds has been running great. I've been running screen and then starting srcds so that i can login and reconnect to the console without restarting srcds. Is there a way to have it to do this at startup? I can get srcds to run at startup by adding the command to rc.local, but i cannot get it to run in a screen at startup. Is there a way to do this? OR is there a way to connect to the console of a running srcds server from a new terminal without restarting srcds?

Forgive me if these are dumb questions, I am new to both linux and srcds. Thanks!
you need to make a script to run srcds as a screen then have rc.local execute that.

and to get backinto the screen window type
screen -x
if you have more than one open it will show you a list, in that case do
screen -x pid
if you only have one screen running it should just open it up
to detach from screen
cntrl+a, then d
thanks, I will try that and let you know how it goes.

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