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Run after steam signs out.
Hi, I'm new here but I have a little experience dealing with the srcds stuff.
But I was wondering if its possible to run srcds after you exit steam and when the computer is off. And if there is please explain. I am trying to help out with clan issues. Smile And sorry if this is in the wrong area or something. Thanks.
There's two ways that you can run a srcds...

One way is through steam with its program called source dedicated server that you download and use. It is limited in being able to customize it.

Another way is through actually downloading all the files necessary for a srcds and it runs through a console.

I would recommended running a srcds through a console than using steam's program cuz the actual srcds in console form using less resources than the steam's source dedicated server.

Here's a srcds guide btw... can't run a srcds when your computer is off. You have to have your computer on for srcds to be able to be seen online and players being able to join it.

You can run a srcds on your own computer or look for a game server host out in the web.
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If after setting that up you want to have srcds run a service to save you having to log in and fire it up each time.. is what you are looking for.

Keep in mind this will only allow srcds to run when the computer is turned on. You won't need to have a user logged in and running srcds if you use this method.

If you want to have srcds running when the computer is off. Sorry that's impossible.
If you need a 24/7 server find a company that can host it for you.
OK thanks guys. Big Grin It was only a question of whether or not you could. I am ok with it running when the computer is on it would just be very useful when off. But thanks anyway.

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