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Source Admin Plugin (SAP)
Version: 0.6e
Beta Release

-- LVL 0
admin_help (Displays this list)
admin_who (Lists all admins)
admin_psay (Private msg other people)

-- LVL 1
admin_kick (Kicks a player)
admin_map (Changes map)
admin_slay (Kills a player)
admin_status (Player Info, IP, SteamID, ID, Name)
admin_restrict (restrict weapons/items)
admin_unrestrict (guess.. )
admin_stuff (lists all items/weapons)
admin_slap (Hurt those campers!)
admin_gravity (Changes gravity for player/server - all)
admin_chat (Private admin to admin chat)

-- LVL 2
admin_ban (Bans a player)
admin_clexec (Executes a command on a client)

-- LVL 3
admin_user (Setup admins)
admin_svexec (Execute Commands on the server)

Download from my site at Enjoy
what about posting your pre releases here? Smile (i know that u post it on sourcemod)
Because that doubles the number of forums I have to check to find bug reports.
i was trying to send you message about sap -you newer replied- ive tried it on my servers ( man it become laggy not only on 64places, but even on 24one - 0,74 version - so we unistaled it
i can imagine you have plenty of messages, soo when ill get in line, i hope ill get my answers

Great plugin Manip. It hasn't been causing me any trouble so far.

One request - Can you add a +/- option to admin_map?

Would help out alot with loading next/previous maps that are in the mapcycle.

i.e. admin_map + loads the next map in the cycle


How about

admin_restart value
that will execute on the server side
mp_restartgame value

It would be great to get it and especially for SCRIM servers.
I love your plugin Manip! It works prefectly, but i have some things in my consol that I'd like to ask you about:

[SAP] Attempting to open a new log.. Level "dm_overwatch" has been loaded
admin_user "SteamID" 3
admin_user "SteamID" 3
admin_user "SteamID" 2
couldn't exec /mapcfg/dm_overwatch *
[SAP] Added SteamId to the admin list at level 3
nknown command ";admin_user " *
Unknown command ";admin_user " *
Unknown command "" *
[SAP] Leaving Level Start SectionExecuting dedicated server config file

I am wanting to know about the lines that i added the *'s to.

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