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mani fresh install causes crash
Hi, i just got srcds up and running for the first time and it runs fine, without plugins of course.
I put in Mani-admin plugin to give me more flexibility in managing my server (a tf2 server btw), and i installed it exactly according to their instructions.
However, when I attempt to start the server up now, it crashes, its final line in the console being "steamservice.cpp (57) : Assertion Failed: !m_bservicestarted".

If i remove the mani admin plugin.vdf, the server works fine. If the .vdf is there, that error happens.
I attached a screenshot for what its worth.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 ?
i would go the mani admin forums and post there, but their forums won't let me register, so i came here instead.
i know, that maybe this isnt the best place to come to with problems of this nature but at this point im looking for anything that could shed light on this.
So please... anything?
I just wanted to make sure you had had a look and tried posting on their forums.

It seems like has the same error you reported, but has nothing in the way of help.

My advice would be to load Metamod:Source and Sourcemod instead.
Not sure how well they run in TF2, but they work nicely for synergy and zombie master.

You could always try running ManiMod as a Sourcemod Plugin, that will not require the .vdf.

Or you could go with a complete re-install, It shouldn't fail the first time you set it up unless you're doing it wrong.

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