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Other Config ? Need backup
Ive got a problem , i want to run more than 1 server on 1 computer on Linux, how to load automaticaly the server2.cfg (on 2nd server) server3.cfg (on 3rd comp) .... Please help me ... If i give at rcon exec config2.cfg its ok , but when i change the map the server load server.cfg , but i want to load server2.cfg ...

try adding either +exec server2.cfg in the next servers start up line, or -exec server2.cfg.. im pretty sure its +exec though
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that'll just exec the server.cfg once

What you will need to do is set the servercfgfile to server2.cfg (or whatever the name of your config file is for that server) in your autoexec.cfg or in your start command line

servercfgfile server2.cfg
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