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Random dropping of clients (I've tried *everything*)

I've got the most frustrating problem ever -

I rebooted my dedicated server earlier today (specs at the bottom of the post) and when it came up a few of my clan members couldn't connect to any CSS servers that I run (I run a ventrilo server and a website on the same machine and they can access that fine).

Normally a client will see the server, be able to connect, send their client info, and maybe even be able to join a team. But then the server drops them, they see "Warning: Connection Problem" at the top right and they time out.

This is what I've tried:
- disabling all mods,
- running only one instance at once (normally I run 5 servers),
- changing the port from 27015 to others.

I've even re-downloaded hldsupdatetool.bin, and installed a brand new server. Started it, and around 1/2 of the members (the same ones as before) are still having problems.

It's really getting to me now, I've been trying to fix this for 3 hours non-stop, with no success.

Please, anyone, help me!!!

Thank you so much.

Dedicated Server:
Dual 2.8Ghz Xeon
100mb uplink

IP's in case you want them: through

Have you tried rebooting the dedi again? (This is a really stupid question because you seem to know what you are talking about)
~ trewq
Maybe you installed earlier some experimental firewall software? Maybe your dedi was running for months already without reboot and you've forgot the software you quickly tried six weeks ago. Maybe it's now doing bad QoS or limiting rate of packets per second?

Reboot Smile
I've rebooted loads.

I've disabled any firewall software that runs on it.

I've also discovered that works for the people that can't join on other IP's. wtffff?!!?
Please, anyone have any ideas?

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