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Plugins will no longer load from vdf files
Weird issue here, I'm not really expecting there to be a solution yet, but I wanted to start the thread in case someone else is seeing this.

First of all, I'm running a FreeBSD 6.1 server with linux emulation, linux_base-fc-4_10. It's not very stable and crashes like 6 times a day but long story short I can't change anything about the OS so that's the way it is.

I was messing around with some eventscripts and did an es_install for the first time on my server. It said it was installed and running but the actual script files were nowhere to be found. Ok, weird, so I did an es_uninstall.

Ever since then, when the server restarts, it no longer reads from the vdf files to load plugins?!?!

So, I backed up the cstrike folder, then deleted it and all the srcds binaries and reinstalled from steam. Still won't load a single plugin. Getting desperate, I create a brand new user folder /home/hlds2/ and install cstrike there. I move everything over one plugin at a time, verify it all works, move over the configs, now my server is back.

So, to test things further, I rm -rf the /home/hlds directory completely, then cp -R /home/hlds2 /home/hlds. Very very strangely, the plugins STILL do not load from the /home/hlds directory. So I have two identical directory structures, hlds and hlds2, but hlds will not load plugins from vdf??

So, I was tired, I left it at that...then maybe 2 days later I messed with some eventscripts, all I really remember was doing an es_reload to a script, on the hlds2 installation, and now it is not loading plugins from vdf again!!

So now I have had it with the whole process, I put in my autoexec.cfg: plugin_load ../addons/ for all my addons and that is how it has been running for a week.

So my question for this forum would be, how the heck can any addon, regardless of which one it is, corrupt things to this point, where even blowing everything away and copying a working installation back over still does not work?

The only thing I can think to try would be to kld_unload/kld_load my linux emulation but it tells me "file is in use" even when my server is shut down, so perhaps I need to umount the linprocfs first...I don't know, I haven't gotten that far yet because frankly I have a job and a family and I can't spend hour upon hour on this hobby like this. Big Grin

So once again, I don't expect an answer, but maybe just some speculation from people more experienced than me.



In case it matters, here you go:

Loaded plugins:
0:  "Mattie's EventScripts,, Version:"
1:  "The_WuH's ES_Tools (NeoWuH) (c) 2006, Version : 0.420 Website : "http://www.ThewAc.NET""
2:  "StatsmeMinimum-Plugin, Roger Devil"
3:  "Metamod:Source Interface v1.4.4.705"

meta list:
Listing 1 plugin:
  [01] Mani Admin Plugin (1.2BetaR SMM) by Mani

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