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Missing VDF file? PLEASE HELP!
I'm having a major issue where my CS:S server isn't loading any of the mani configuration. The server shows all the cvars as "Unknown Command". Did some searching and found I need a .vdf file, but I don't know where I can get this and what it needs to have in it.

If anyone has any links to something that'd work, that'd be awesome. My man_server.cfg is configured fine, I just need the VDF file.
Use the create vdf program? .....
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well... im running a linux server, so i cant run the .exe.... copied it to my windows machine and its not making the VDF for me...
what I would REALLY like to know is where the .vdf file should be and what should be the contents of it.

For reference, this is the directory to the cstrike DS:

/cssds/ (meaning its a folder on the root of the drive)
Copy this into a .vdf file: (Just create one, remember: mani_admin_plugin.vdf not mani_admin_plugin.txt.vdf)

    "file" "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"
And then put it into: ~/dir/srcds/addons/

Or download the file from here:;11518225;/fileinfo.html

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