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Vehicles and server load
Just got our clans dedicated server, it's

Intel P4 3.2Ghz
1024Mb DDR 400
80Gb HDD
100Mb Internet
Windows Server 2003

I have successfully downloaded all of the software for the servers and we have running 4 CSS servers, Natural Selection and loads of mods and HL2MP that we start up when we want to play them, source forts, hl2ctf, garry's mod, source racer etc....

Firstly would the system cope with many more servers, it seems to run fine with 6 but could it take more?

and in garry's mod and hl2mp on custom maps the vehicles never appear, we cant even use cheats to spawn them. does anyone have any ideas how to get them?

I posted this ages ago but still no vehicles.

Anyone know how we could get them to work?

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