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help with custom maps
Hey folks, great site!

I am running a CSS dedicated server and am trying out some custom maps. Some maps I seem to have problems with in that they will load but when a player connects it just kind of sits there and does a progress bar that says sampling walkable space.

I have put all provided files in the appropriate directories.

Anyone seen this before and know the cause/fix?

Thanks Smile
Yes turn off your bots on those maps. Those maps your are having problems with have no .nav file. the .nav file is used for bots.
Or if you use bots wait until a quiet time when no-one is on and then manually run each custom map on the server machine and it will make the nav files for all of the maps so it won't happen when people connect.

I had this problem it was so annoying but it was fixed by doing that above.
Then make sure you add the .nav and .ain files into your .res files so clients can download them and play on the server.

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