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1 box, 2 srcds...2 different latencies?
Hey all,

I have a Quad core server with 8gb of ram and raptor HD's. I started a GunGame Srcds which had its own IP assigned. This server is 100 tic, 24 slot, and was EMPTY at the time of this issue.

I started another Srcds for REG. 100 tic, 20 slot, ALSO EMPTY**

Both servers are running 100 tic beautifully and so far there have been no problems..except..The latency on both servers differs by 30!!

How is this possible? Both servers have their own assigned ips, both are empty, and both are on the same exact line obviously. The GunGame gives me 38-42 lat and the Reg gives me 68-73..Why would 2 identical srcds's (only difference in them is the gungame mod was removed on reg) have 2 latencies that far apart when they are on the same box?
Just for good measure, I changed the port on the Reg from 27015 to 27016 and opened it in the firewall, no change. The reg server still for some reason has 30 more lat than the Gungame. This is overly frustrating..lets test turning off the gungame and turning on just the reg srcds.
What in the world? Ok, I'm not 100% totally technically savvy with servers, but THIS is overly confusing.

The dedi box I have has 8 IP's total, 4 are usable by me. lets say is my servers IP. I ping this from home with 74-80ms. lets say is the IP i used for my gungame server. I ping this with 48ms. is the IP i used for Reg. I ping this with 74-86 ms.

Why the hell is this happening? It's a usable IP on the box, but pings higher than the IP under it? I'm completely stumped..
Will be best to contact your provider.
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Did you try to trace route each IP?
Could be a funny issue with that. I know that a few years back running game servers from my college was nearly imposible becuase local users' packets were sent around the country before ending up at the servers... something funning with a router somewhere...
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