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Skins bug for clients.
hi. i just set up my server, and installed mani admin plugin on it. the has been up for 2 weeks without any crashes, and everything works as it should except one thing. when players have been playing on the server for like 10 minutes, they turn invisible. you can see the guns, but not the body, and sometimes it's only on some of the players, and suddenly they are visible again, and then invisible all the time. i have tested this with a friend of mine, and the same thing happens with any of the four original skins on both teams. would be great if someone knows of a solution, because its quite hard to aim at something that isn't there if you understand Toungue

sorry for a bit sloppy English, but i am from Norway, so have me excused Wink
Try running hldsupdatetool again but with -verify_all at the end of it as well as reinstalling mani.
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ok. i'll try it at once and report back to tell how it went.

thanks a lot! the server works perfeclty now, but i am setting it up on a linux box though, so i'll remember the extra line Wink

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