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setting up a relay on the same box as a dedicated server
Im trying to set up a relay on the same machine as a dedicated server because bandwidth isnt an issue and this is a multicore machine. The problem is getting the relay to connect to the srctv of the dedicated machine. The srctv can be connected to by a client from the internet. Im passing +tv_relay localhost:27020 as a argument to ./steam_run. Ive also tried and neither of which work. According to /etc/hosts, points to localhost.

Im assuming the issue is the relay wanting to listen on 27020 and the srctv is already there. Is there a way I can set the srctv to 27020 and the relay connect to that, but serve clients on 27021?
Ok I added +tv_port 27021 to the command line arguments of the relay executable but that still didnt allow the relay to connect to the DS. When I use localhost it says SourceTV cannot connect to localhost. but when I use or it just keeps retrying to connect.

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