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Installing plugins tutorial for linux
I am a noob, obviously. I can not, for the life of me, figure out how to get any plugins installed. I have metamods running and I have HLSW however I can not get these plugins going. Would someone PLEASE guide me toward a tutorial on how to install the plugins. I've performed a serch on probably 40 sites including this one and I can't find a how-to-install-plugins for linux. Help? plugin installation tutorial please!!! Sorry if it's here and I'm blind. I browsed and used the search feature and came up with nothing.

I feel like a dummy because I'm aparently the only one that can't figure it out since there are no other posts anywhere like this one:
" exactly do I install the plugin, itself?"

I'm familiar with coding (php, c++, perl, HTML, etc), FTP, and Linux systems but I can't seem to figure this out by myself Sad. I am new to running a game server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
what plugin?
Any of them. Isn't installing them generally the same?
I was having trouble installing the medic plugin but I finally got it working. Is there a base tutorial somewhere I can follow for installing future mods? That would be VERY helpful for noobs like me. Big Grin

I also can't figure out how to make my server auto-cycle maps...although through my searches I did see the command line I need...somewhere. It was something like mapcycle <minutes> however I forget and can't find where I saw it, and I don't remember what file I need to add the line to. heh..and don't want to play around and crash my server. I'd rather be patient and wait to find a tutorial on how-to everything. At least a base tut to give me a general idea.
My fault for not bookmarking when I found it.
Login with SSH using a program like Putty

cd /<path>/srcds_l/cstrike
vi mapcycle.txt

to edit the file
(how to use the vi-editor: )

cat mapcycle.txt
to just look in it

What do you mean with "a turtorial on how-to everything?
What plugins you have in mind?
There are readme files avail ...
Thanks! But I know how to use vi and SSH access. I don't have that level of access to my server though. Besides, thanks a lot! But that would be the long and hard way of going about doing it since I have FTP and TCadmin access, and the mapcycle file is a simple text file I can open in notepad to edit. I'm asking what the command (or varient - "cvar") lines are that I need to add in order to cause a map cycle. I'm asking what lines I need and where I need to put them. I'm assuming I'd have to edit server.cfg to add both the varients to lead to the mapcycle.txt file, and add "cvar" command lines in server.cfg, too, that tell the server how long each map stays active per round, per time limit, etc.

where do I find the varient lines I need to add?

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