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[/color] Well the past few days i've been playing on my server with friends JUST recently i tried it and noone joined so i tried to join by my IP and it didnt work it just got stuck at "connecting to server" can someone please help, by the way the game is Garrysmod, thanks again.[/font]
What no one knows? come ON theirs gotta be a FEW geniuses..thx
Try restarting the server, that might help.

*EDIT* bumping after 10 minuttes, jeez.
Well umm i kinda did about 4252352626 times then i uninstalled and reinstalled about 5 times i got nothing man... new so i thought there was no bump
who ever helps me gets free admin idc i REALLY want this done
Sh0gun, PLEASE stop bumping and double posting.

If your friend's server is behind a router, make sure all the ports are forwarded correctly. If he re-started the server, it's possible the internal IP to the computer changed, thus breaking port forwarding.

Also make sure the server's external IP hasn't changed.
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