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gmod sever coming up lan not internet
so i try to make dedicated gmod and wen i click on SRCDS i click on internet i use 27015 for my USDport but wen i click on start server it comes out LAN.
i did portfoward tut from this "" i fallowed all that but it still comes out LAN Sad
It's always going to show up on your LAN.
Have a friend check if they can connect via your external IP.
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ohh thanks it work . umm idk if u can help me on this but how do i make myself admin? and how do i make people download stuf off from my server? like the add ons i add how can they downlaod it?oooh and how do i talk thru console?lol
talk through console is just, rcon say blah blah blah. For admin, not sure about GMOD but try or find a nice evenscript mod. Well what exactly do you want them to download?
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