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Nobody can connect to my server.
This isn't me not being able to read the stickies.

I've forwarded ports 27000-27039 on both TCP and UDP, and the Friends network port on TCP and UDP as well.
The line I input to start up SRCDS is:
./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust +maxplayers 16 -ip
I'm running Ubuntu, I've apt-get install'd openssh-server and client.
I tried running the Perl script (, and a friend of mine was able to connect and send messages.

SRCDS on Windows works just fine.
I'm completely broke for ideas. I've tried appending -port 27015 to the input line, no cigar.
I need help.
does ubuntu come with an armed firewall?
I doubt it. It says it connects to the Steam servers, and it's VAC enabled.
Go to and then use -ip x.x.x.x instead of the 192.168.x.x LAN address.

Read instructions how to install server behind NAT.
First one I've tried. I get
WARNING: NNET_OpenSocket: bind: Cannot assign requested address
Couldn't allocate dedicated server UDP port
I have forwarded all the ports necessary.
I'll look into NAT.
yea change it back to local ip. the ip you assign it must be an ip address the machine has.

can you connect the server over lan?
Sorry, my bad. Never use external IP address in +ip if you are behind NAT.

Port forwarding is necessary only behind NAT. Usually you don't need to think about the NAT other than just know that you're behind one (your local IP is 192.168.x.x), so you'll know you have to set port forwardings to your modem to get the server work.

Basically what happens is that when players from the internet connect you your server, they connect to your external IP address instead of your local 192.168.x.x address directly. That's why your modem has to forward all packets to port 27015 to your local 192.168.x.x address. I hope this explanation shines light on the mystical "you have to do port forward + NAT talk". It's easier to set up the port forwardings when you've got grasp of what you're supposed to do.
Yes, I can connect to it over LAN. Hell, I'm in it right now.
And when I'm hosting from Windows I do need to forward ports, so then I'm behind NAT, no? And when I'm hosting from Windows, people can connect, and I can connect.
is dmz on at all?

can we get a screenshot of your port fwding?
Alright, here's a screenshot. is my Windows machine.
[Image: bf8a39problematic.jpg]
EDIT: Also, DMZ is off.
you cant have the same ports forwarded twice. disable one set of 27000 to 27050
HBS|Ryan Wrote:you cant have the same ports forwarded twice. disable one set of 27000 to 27050

..But-- those are different computers.. Would it make a difference?
Bah, I'll try anyway.

Thank you! All of you!
What Ryan said worked.
glad to help

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