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Missingmap__(name here)
Specific maps cause my server to crash. Its a 100% chance of crashing if I choose it.

I have updated the maplist.txt and the map is in the maps folder. I got the maps off of fpsbanana. Im not using FTP right now.

"Missing map maps/________, disconnecting"

Are the files corrupted or something? I have tried redownloading them from different locations even and copying them back into the folder. I Just dont understand why it is random custom maps. The names match perfectly too so I didnt enter them wrong in the maplist.txt

update: forgot to say this. My server CMD line says:
createfragmentsfromfile: 'maps/____.bsp' size exceeds net_maxfilesize limit (64 MB)
My net_maxfilesize is 100. I assume 100 means 100 megs?
Are You adding the maps to Your rotation? The map rotation goes in mapcycle.txt
Do you have fast downloads setup?
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