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Server won't show up in master list
We'll the title explains it. My friend and I have tried everything I gave him the ip and he joined by typing connect "ip here". The only problem is the server won't show up in the master list. I can give any information you guys need please help!
Use the FAQ's.
realchamp Wrote:Use the FAQ's.

(I DMZed my router btw)

I've tried all of those. One thing though my router is my modem. It's hard to explain. I have sbc global and I have their U-Verse DSL stuff 10mbps down/1.5mbps up. Could SRCDS be incompatible with my router? But wouldn't that mean they can't join at all?

One thing I've noticed: When I run the server. It only shows up in the master list for me. The only thing about that is it tells me: The Server is not responding. Another thing I notice is the ports in my LAN it says port 27015. On the internet tab is says either 50612 or 50617. Maybe this is the problem?

EDIT: The server magically fixed itself I think O_o. It shows up in the master list now for me and my friends.
Hi guys, I have a *kinda* related issue.

When I boot up my server, I can see it on the master list, as can my friends. When I try to connect using my external IP, I can do this but then after about 30 seconds the game will freeze. I am forced to come out of the frozen game and now see that the game is no longer on the Master List (my friends can't see it either). I can no longer connect via the external IP using connect in console, however my friends can. I can connect using my internal IP without problems.

I have followed the FAQ (aside from DMZ) and initially, it works. After about 30 seconds though, it changes its mind. I have tried -ip (my internal IP) and also with no -ip command, same result.

Anyone got any thoughts on the cause of this? Is there any other information that might help me solve this problem?

Thanks for reading Smile

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