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Server Wont Start After sv_gravity set to -1 and server crashed
I crashed someones server by accident by setting sv_gravity to -1 and not the server wont start it is hosted with They have very slow support so im just asking here whether their is any way that I can fix this for the guy. I have access to all the server files. please help.
~ trewq
Dont worry now the server got canceled, but dose anyone know why sv_gravity when set to a negative number crashes the server?
~ trewq
Do you run any Plugins?

I mean its a regular Bug in srcds.exe, or even Counter-Strike:Source.(If that is the game your freinds server is running)

I've tryed it on a Windows too, but i do not the problem.
It runs Mani and SourceMod
~ trewq
I think i've seen this issue before somewhere, but i'm not sure:

Counter-Strike:Source Servers crashes, when you change sv_gravity to something below 0.
(But it does not happen all the time, some time it doesn't crash.)

I believe it is a combination of different things, such as: Mani and sv_gravity 0(Below)

I do not know what the reason is for it.(guaranteed Mani, or a standard bug in Css, unfortunately)

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