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Which mani admin client flag controls @rr?
OK which of these controls an admin's ability to restart the round by typing "@rr" in game?

(@rr is used to reset the game score)


A Accept Vote
B Menu RCon Vote
C Cancel Vote
D Menu Question Vote
E Ma Rates
F Burn
G No Clip Mode
H War
I Mute
J Reset All Ranks
K Cash
M Admin Skins
N Set Skins
O Drop C4
P Set Client Flags
Q Console Question Vote
R RCon Vote
S Set Skin Colour
T Time Bomb
U Fire Bomb
V Map Vote
W Freeze Bomb
X Health
Y Beacon
Z Give Item
a Private Say
admin Basic Admin
b Non permanent Ban
c Map Change
client Create Clients and Accesses
d Drug
e Explode
f Freeze
g Swap Player
grav Per Player Gravity
i Blind
j Gimp
k Kick
l Slap
m Slay
o Admin Chat
p Sound
pban Permanent Ban
q RCon Menu Level 1
q2 RCon Menu Level 2
q3 RCon Menu Level 3
r RCon
s Admin Say
spray Spray Tag Tracking
t Teleport
v Random Map Vote
w Restrict Weapons
x CExec
y CExec Menu
z Config
Would be best to post @ for related problems.
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that should be rcon say. im not sure, ask on the link above if thaat doesnt work
It's an Alias for Mani-Admin-Plugin..

alias "@rr" "mp_restartgame 2"
It can be found some where in cfg/mani_admin_plugin/..

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