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Dedicated server keeps running on LAN..
I'm trying to set up a Dedicated server for Counter-Strike Source that is displayed on the internet list.. But so far mine only goes so far as the LAN list. I've set the settings to run on internet when I start the Dedicated Server Tool from steam, and I type "sv_lan 0" into the console.
I've been looking around the internet for a couple days now seeing if anyone's found a solution that works for me, but so far I've found nothing. I'll be more than willing to supply you with information that can help out.

I've tried running the srcds.exe file using the IP found on "" (using the -ip function when in CMD), but it gave me a UDP error (as I'm behind a router.. but I figured I'd give it a shot anyways).
I've forwarded my ports to the HL2SteamServer (followed This Tut)
I can't set up the CSS1, CSS2, and CSS3 settings as CSS2 overlaps the HL2SteamServer ports.
I can see my server just fine, and I can join it perfectly. I just need to get it running on internet, rather than LAN.

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: Weird.. I don't need help anymore. Apparently it is on the online list, I just cant see it.
Yeah it's because you are on the same network Smile.
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