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Dedicated - Remote Desktop?

I will soon have a server for my clan, I am recieving a windows dedicated server. The following spec is:

AMD Athlon64 3000+
1GB DDR 400 Memory
30gb HD
Windows XP Pro
Hosted at Redbus, London.

I was hoping sombody could answer a few questions for me.

1.) What is the dirrerance of running a server through steam (Play Games/Source Dedicated Server) or installing the dedicated server files and running that on its own. I ask this because I have acdess to remote desktop.

2.) How many CS: Servers would I be able to run on this? I am looking to run 1x16 public 16 slot , 1x14 slot private and a 1x5 slot private?

Thanks for your help, and I must say its a great idea for this website and very useful indeed Smile

My preference is the dedicated server NOT in the steam menu. There are less files to be downloaded and the paths are simpler and more common for installing plug-ins and such. There are certain quirks about running servers from the Steam menu. They have work arounds that I am aware of, but I hate quirks.
Thanks, im not rally that confident with command line interface, but im sure your here to help Smile.

I think I will have to go with command line.

Do I just install it twice in two different directorys for two servers? 30gb should be enough?

Also will it be able to handle these servers?

The machine should be able to handle those servers without a problem.

The source installation is little over 1gb iirc, technically you dont need different installs for different servers (just different configs) but its best to have a folder for each.

You can use the GUI if you want through the non-steam method. Just use -console switch to activate the console and negate it to use the GUI. Again the console can be better to use but you are not limited. Gaming Servers
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