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Bandwidth Requirements
So I'm looking to purchase a dedicated server to use as a Source Game Server amongst other things.

If I purchase a bandwidth restricted server... where I'd only have around 2TB bandwidth a month. Will that be enough to host a source server?

How much bandwidth does the average server use? I realize this depends on how many slots and how busy it is, but lets say a 24 slot server that's full/almost full most of the time.
What's the upload speed on the server?
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Mooga Wrote:What's the upload speed on the server?
Probably really good. Considering he has 2TB Bandwidth.
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Dedicated 100mb
Yes, its plenty bandwidth.
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With 2 TB bandwidth per month you could maximum use this in average:
bytes/sek 849346 B
mbyte/sek 0.81 MB
minute 48.6 MB
hour 2.85 GB
day 68.34 GB
week 0.47 TB
month(30days) 2 TB

Lets assume the average user uses ~22kb/sek in bandwidth (estimated average of 15down+7up),
so that would give us you can take ~37 slots 24/7.
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Would a 10Mb port be fast enough for 22-24 players?
Havekk Wrote:Would a 10Mb port be fast enough for 22-24 players?
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blik Wrote:
Havekk Wrote:Would a 10Mb port be fast enough for 22-24 players?

Excellent. Thanks for all the help guys

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