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Something I am missing?
Hi, I recently got a dedicated server from server beach, e6750 with 2 gigs of ram. It is running centos5 and the control panel from I am running one private and one public TF2 server off this machine and no webhosting or anything else. I have not done anything to the regular installation of centos 5 to optimize it for running servers. The server seems to run very smooth, but we see very rare and random lag spikes. The lag spike lasts only 2-3 seconds and everyone is basically frozen, similar to what happens when a server is turned off and you expect to see the red disconnection notice in the top right hand corner. Only in our case the red notice never shows up and then after 2-3 seconds of being frozen, gameplay returns to normal very nice smooth play for another random period of time ranging from 20 minutes to an hour or more before we see another spike. This happened in both the public server that has an admin mod as well as the private server without the admin mod. Last nite with only 12 total clients connected to the dedicated server this happened. I definatly want to have my server optimized for gaming and I've read about using a debian kernel and other stuff, however I first want to get by this problem because I don't think these lag spikes will be helped by optimization, it seems like a much bigger problem. It seems like the system I am using should run a server with 12 people without any trouble at all.

Any advice to fix this? Or maybe you can explain to me how this is an optimization/kernel problem? I really have a hard time beliveing that this machine cant support 12 people in a server without being optimized for gaming......

I just wanted to add that it seems on the newly created game servers every time a map loads that the server has not loaded yet the server lags terribly, and lags out the entire machine, lagging out other game servers on this same machine... so one server lagging could be due to another server on this same machine changing to a new map... any help?

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