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Connecting to a server from a different machine, same subnet.
I've got two machines, one's running windows, and is my client. The other, Debian, and is my SRCDS server. (Namely, TF2)

As the title of this post suggests, both machines are connected to the same router. When I try to connect to my server from my client, it doesn't work. The server shows up on the list and all, but attempting a connection lands me a "server not responding" error. Viewing the log files on my Debian Box tells me that people are indeed connecting and playing, but not me. I know you shouldn't (and can't) play on the same machine as your server, but does the same apply to a client on the same subnet as the server?

I've searched around the forums, but couldn't find much to help me. My apologies if this simple matter has been posted about previously.
Try conecting via the server's local IP.
I know for a face that this can work. Lan games are on the same subnet Toungue
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