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New server installation - missing a few sounds
Hello everyone.

I just installed a garrys mod dedicated server, along with HL2, Ep1 & Ep2, CS:S and Portal. It runs smoothly, and nothing is missing (as far as I can tell), except a few sounds. For those of you who have played Garrys Mod, there's this thing called Wire Sound Emitter, which has a relatively short list of default sounds. A few of them works, but the rest just is not working!

I don't know where I did something wrong. I followed a couple of guides on how I added content to my server (using GCFScape), but the sounds are simply not there. I tried looking/searching through the .gcf's without any luck...

Anyone have an idea? Smile
Try including -verify_all in your updater tool command line.
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Tried that, it didn't exactly make any sense to me (No difference). I'm a bit confused on the directory structure though. Following the guides provided all over the web, I get the server to work. shows which games loads, fails or are disabled (how do I enable it anyway, when I DO have the game installed?). Everything, except HL2MP is loaded, the game starts and the server runs.

Now..the problem ingame with the Sound Emitter as mentioned, is persistent, however the sound does exist: I have the option to manually type in the path+filename to the soundfile, then it plays like nothing is wrong. The preset-list is actually a shortcut-list to a selection of those files, why don't they work? The game in it's entirety is installed as instructed, using default parameters.

How does a "correct" directory structure look like? HLDSUpdateTool is located in C:\Program Files\Valve\HLServer - the default location when installing SRCDS. Running updates/adding games puts them either directly in that directory or in the subdir called "orangebox".

I'm confused.

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