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is there any srcds install that has all the srcds mods that u could ever want. in it and all u have to do is put a check buy what u want installed.. i hade one befor but i lost it and now i cant find the sight that i got it from. can anyone help?
Just do a -command update -game list -dir YOURDIR
Then write a bat script to download the ones you want Toungue
Do you really need a GUI for that?
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I can write a GUI if you really really want it
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i was just looking for one. one that had all the mods in a installer. i had a lot of problems trying to get the mods to work. when i tried to install them buy puting the pices in the server folder where they needed to go.
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Yes that is the one. thank you vary much. but i dont rememeber having to pay for a lince for it. hmm. o well its only like what $2.00.
i really wouldnt use that if i were you i downloaded it once and i went through every thing, i found that who ever created it put his steam id for any thing that had to do with admins, and if you wanted to redirect people if your server was full they would have there own set up.
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