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debug ?!
well i run a css serevr on a linux box and i get alot of crashes (propably caused by sum plugins) ..
now i want to debug and see the log, added -debug to the startup command,
but after crash i cant see a debug.log..!

instead i see about 2mb big files called core.*** ..
*** are replaced by random numbers..
this file is unreadable..

what can i do ?!
Are you sure your linux distribution has the debug capability installed? It's a GNU tool. Maybe you should copy and past the startup messages you receive.
yup, u got points there..

Enabling debug mode
./srcds_run: line 141: gdb: command not found
Please install gdb first.

thx for the hint, im gong to install it now Wink
i always start the scrds via screen so i forget about those few startup lines..


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