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Server IP display w/ console "status" command
Hey folks,

Just setup my team fortress 2 dedicated server on CentOS 5 behind a cisco pix firewall Works fine users can connect and my game lists on the server list(at least the west coast one Toungue)! Anyways, I typed "status" in console when connected to my server. The actual IP address that it lists happens to be the local IP the server is running off.

I couldn't get the server to start without forcing the IP via -ip Otherwise it starts on localhost which I wasted many hours trying to get anything to connect through to it.

I'm not sure if perhaps I should work back to trying to get it to run on localhost and figure out all my iptables. I pretty much turned off /usr/sbin/lokkit as well as turning of iptables service.

Sorry for the extra mumbo jumbo- my objective is to get my external IP address to display when a person connected to my server types "status"

I am unable to start the server on the external IP address because cisco is translating it to the server for! It runs fine, so I'm probably stuck with the shitty local ip through status command. Thanks for any help!

you can only assign local IPs to the startup line.
You will need to forward ports from the external IP to the internal IP.
Even though the server shows it's internal IP, it can still be connected to via it's public IP address. It should also be listed via it's public IP.
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