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When ever i put in the last part of my html code the motd goes blank the rest works without it

here it is:
<table width="100%">
<td width="15%"></td>
<li>wcshelp - shows commands for in game
<li>raceinfo - gives info for your race
<li>changerace - change races
<li>playerinfo - select a player and see what race they are and level
<li>showxp - show how much xp you need to level
<li>spendskills - spend skills you didn't have time to spend
<li>resetskills - reset all you skills to respend
<li>wcsadmin - admins type this
<li>showtop10 - shows top10 people by level
<li>shopinfo - gives you info on items in shopmeni
<li>shopmenu - opens a shopmenu where you but items
<td width="15%"></td>
<hr size="1" width="60%">
<center>× <a href=#server>Server Rules</a> × <a href=#admin>Admins</a> × <a href=#commands>Wcs Commands</a> × <a href=#bind>Binding A Key</a> ×
<hr size="1" width="60%">

can my file be to long or to big? i dont see no errors in my html
Opening html and body tags might help.
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You haven't closed many tags, like this:
<li>List item

You must end every tag, like this:
<li>List item</li>

Try to close all tags and make opening tags for body and html:

Hope that helps.
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