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How many slots?
I've just gotten my new personal server with 4GB RAM and a Q6600, on a 100/100mbps port.
I'm just wondering how many slots I can do on each core?
Can I do this on CS 1.6:
Two 32 slots with 66 tickrate, both on their own core.
Two 18 slots with 100 tickrate, both on the same core.
Four 11 slots with 100 tickrate, two on each core.
A Q6600 can get around 30-45 slots at 100 tick on EACH core.

So just work it out around that. At 66 tick you are looking around 60-70 slots on EACH core.
Clan of Doom:

Is the RAM a problem in this case, or can I take 60 slots on 66 tick?
no, 4gb ram is plenty enough.
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