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Internal/External IPs

I've got a quick question about Internal and External IPs. What I am trying to do is having my srcds binary running on both my Internal and External IP (I have two network cards running, one with an External IP and one with an Internal IP). What I am trying to do is have my server visible to the world (via the Steam server list) but be able to connect to my server over my LAN.

SEt up your srcds as per a WAN server,leave the _LAN switch to 0, binding your external address to the server. It should happily publish itself to the outside world. Provided the box is also the defalt gateway and DHCP for your LAN then the local machines will happily connect in ONLINE mode with a ping around 3-5.

This is how mine is set up and others with more knowledge may be able to help further.
Linux Host
OpenSuSE11 (KDE4)
Default Gateway/DHCP/DNS
srcds_l (DOD:S-orangebox)
8 Port GBit Switch
| | | |
| | | |
2x Windows Gaming PC'S
1x LinuxMint PC
1x Work Laptop Windows

All works a treat and both Local and External Connections are allowed. I havent done a tracert to see if the local machines are actually leaving the LAN to acquire thier Connection or its being handled via NAT and Local DNS.
Thanks for the reply, it works now, but only when I left the IP command out of my startup options. It says IP unknown now but as long as other people know the outside IP they can connect to it while I can connect over LAN/Internal IP Big Grin

Thanks a lot Salty! Smile

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