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Couldn`t CRC map.
I`m trying to set up fast downloads on my game server.
I have a Web Server.
I have the command line sv_downloadurl "" entered into my server.cfg.
But for some reason every time I go do a download test by removing a map. My Game Server only downloads 909 kbs of the map every time.
& I get a error message "Couldn`t CRC map".
Anybody can download a map off of my Web Server & it`ll work ok.
But for some reason the Game Server can`t do it.
[Image: cstrike2-02.png]
I was told by my Web Server Host that they don`t support automatic downloads between the Web server & my SRCDS Game Server because it`s a free domain.
Limited bandwidth.
I guess I just wasted my time building it now I can`t use it. Whine!
I guess I`ll have to buy a domain & start over. WooHoo!
[Image: cstrike2-02.png]
PM me we can work something out
~ trewq
King Goilio Wrote:PM me we can work something out

Thanks 4 the info on the Web Hosting.
I went ahead & leased a domain name 4 1yr.
Right now I`m waiting 4 my Web Server 2 finish Propagating, They told me it would take 24 to 72hrs.
I paid 4 it Sat. morning so I`m still waiting. sigh.
[Image: cstrike2-02.png]

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